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A baking good day!

Today the team are continuing their on-going Marketing Campaign for Midway Care Group, the main focus of which is to empower people with learning disabilities and positively change the way society sees them.


Midway Care Group provide services for people with learning disabilities, who may also have additional needs. They work closely with the individuals, their families and service commissioners to support people to live within the community, either in a transitional residential or supported living environment.


Although we are based in Worcester, Jess and Sam today made the journey to Yardley, Birmingham to film some of the supported living service-users getting involved in some good old fashioned baking.


One generous service-user volunteered her home and invited her friends around to get messy, although not too messy, as we've heard they have been out to buy new aprons for the occasion! When we spoke to Heather, Manager of the Supported Living Service, this morning, she told us that the ladies involved were very excited and couldn't wait to get stuck in!


Check back here for some photos of the fun and the cakes soon! I hope they've saved some for us in the office at Care Creative!



A fresh look website for Spring View Care Group!

This week has seen our busy team complete the new website for Spring View Care.


Spring View Care provide small, homely environments for residents and were in need of a fresh website to reflect their friendly, yet professional nature. The new website, which is considerably more interactive and contemporary, is now warm and inviting.


Spring View Care Group is made up of two nursing homes - Grosvenor House and Tutnall Hall. The new website allows each home to be identified exclusively, with information and a photo-gallery, allowing potential residents to really get the feel for where they would be happier.


Our graphic designer, Mark, has been busy redesigning the website, along with compliment slips, tri-folds and rate cards. The colour scheme hasn't changed too much, which ensures any existing familiarity with Spring View as a brand won't be lost.


On the technical side, our web developer, Sam, has introduced hover buttons, drop down menus and a text sizing function to enable those who may be visually impaired to read the text with ease.


This summer will see the addition of a video to the website, making use of an effective media platform to supply the audience with more information.


To see what we have done for Spring View Care, take a look at You can also see what other websites we have created by visiting our portfolio at


We're always looking for new and exciting projects, so why not get in touch today to see how we can improve your website, and as a result, your business.



Motion graphics, animations and videos

At this moment in the office, the video team have been working on a video for an energy company who provide gas and electricity to many care businesses. Light bulbs ahoy!

There MAY also be something musical coming this way, so watch this space!

Since we are revamping our funky new website, it has given us the opportunity to start afresh with our 2013 showreel, showcasing all of our new projects and skills.  Just take a look at our video page for a sneak peak!

Another exciting new development that we have been working on is custom animations. This can range from animated logos, introductions and instructions, to full blown character animation with professional voiceovers. Animation is a great way to explain or describe what you or your company does in an easily understandable and viewed format. It allows you to reach out to people and bring your company to life.

Here are some examples of the type of work we've done:

Farm House Day Services

Supportive Parents

As creativity is in our nature (and name!), we're always looking for new and exciting projects to get our teeth stuck into, so if you have a project in mind, give us a shout and we will see what we can do, we don't bite!


New look Care Creative

We've taken some time out from making great web sites for our customers to update our own!

Since technology never stands still, things that were cool when we last looked at the design are old hat, so we've added the latest and greatest...


Great typography has finally come to the Web! We're big fans of things like the Google Web Fonts service which takes the hassle out of things, as well as using totally customised fonts - take a look at the Torfaen and Vale of Clwyd Mind sites for example.

Typography can lift a site, making it come alive and stand out.


Our original design needed to use complicated scripts to animate things like colours. Now that CSS transitions are widely supported, we've removed the scripts and added some cool new effects. Warning! We've found that playing with the arrows on the home page can seriously damage productivity!

We've been using CSS transitions for a while now - take a look through the Portfolio for some more examples!

New portfolio

We've also taken some time to sharpen up our portfolio. We've based it on our industry-leading directory component which we also use for small- to medium-sized care groups.

The directory lets you concentrate more on what you want to say and less on what it looks like - the back end code formats everything just right for a sparkling result.

Check it out now!

Oh, and...

... we also decided to start a blog too!

So if your care business is looking for a new web site, maybe it's time to get Care Creative!

by Pete

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